Friday, January 5, 2024

Simon Young on Domestic Criticisms of Foreign Judges (CUP book chapter)

"Domestic Criticisms of Foreign Judges"
Simon Young
in Anna Dziedzic (ed) and Simon Young (ed), The Cambridge Handbook of Foreign Judges on Domestic Courts, (Cambridge University Press, October 2023), pp. 284-299

Summary: This chapter discusses three common criticisms of using foreign judges on domestic courts. First, that the foreign judge, ignorant of local laws, customs and circumstances, will reach decisions that are legally wrong, assertive of colonial values and principles, or simply unacceptable to members of the local community. Second, the foreign judge, not being a citizen or resident of the local jurisdiction, has divided patriotic ties rendering him or her ill-suited to consider questions of constitutional significance, national security or foreign affairs. Third, the expertise of the foreign judge is no longer needed as there is already abundant domestic legal expertise. The chapter responds and reflects upon these criticisms in the context of the evolving system of overseas non-permanent judges of Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal since 1997.

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