Thursday, November 20, 2014

Say Goo on the Limits of Directors' Duties in Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility

Research Handbook on Directors' Duties
Edward Elgar, November 2014
Editor: Adolfo Paolini
Book description: Directors’ duties and liabilities have become the centre of a general legal discussion following the 2008 financial scandal that resulted in global recession. Questions have arisen regarding the ways in which the directors of the world’s major financial institutions have handled their duties and how their decisions have impacted investors, shareholders and consumers. This detailed Handbook discusses the nature of the relationship between a company and its directors, assessing issues such as how duties are discharged, liabilities that may arise and what interests directors should consider before embarking on commercial ventures. AIIFL Director, Prof Say Goo, and Desiree Klingler (LLM 2013) contribute a chapter titled "The limits of directors' duties in fostering corporate social responsibility and the idea of a multi-stakeholder board" (pp. 185-210)

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