Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reyes on Cambodia's New National Commercial Arbitration Centre

The Cambodia Daily
By Kang Sothear
15 November 2014
The newly established National Commercial Arbitration Center (NCAC) may have been set up to al­low businesses to settle disputes outside the court system, but it still needs support from judges and court officials to do its work effectively, its president said on Friday.  “Arbitration needs support from the judicial system. For ex­ample, an arbitrator issues a decision, but the decision cannot be im­ple­ment­ed directly by the arbitrator until it passes through courts first [in order] to be recognized,” said Ruos Monin, the president of the NCAC. “So, if the court does not recognize the decision, it’s meaningless.”... Anselmo Reyes, a professional ar­bitrator working in Hong Kong, suggested that all arbitration cases should be dealt with by one or two experienced judges who could co­operate with the NCAC...  Click here to read the full article.

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