Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Part 3 of 2014)

Vol. 44, Part 3 of 2014

Table of Contents

Realising Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong After the Standing Committee’s Decision  Simon NM Young  689 

Gross Negligence Manslaughter After Lai Shui Yin  John Adams Leung and Hin Ting Liu  709 
Business Review in Directors’ Report: New Companies Ordinance Requirement  Stella So, Janet Kwan and Annie Ko  719 
Disclosure of Price Sensitive Information – The Peculiar Case of the MTR Corporation  Chee Keong Low and Tak Hay Low  735 

When Will the Court Grant Relief for Trustees’ Mistakes? Pitt v Holt and Futter v Futter  Robert Walker  759 
The Strengths of the Common Law  William Gummow  773 
Institutional Integrity and Public Law: An Address to the Judges of Hong Kong  James Spigelman  779 

Financial Planning for Mental Incapacity: Antiquated Law in a Modern Financial Centre  Lusina Ho  795 
Storm in a Milk Bottle: WTO Consistency of Hong Kong’s Export Barrier on Powdered Formula  Kelly Kuan Shang  809 

China Law 
Land Registration, Property Rights and Institutional Performance in China: Progress Achieved and Challenges Ahead  Lei Chen  841 
The Perpetual Dance: Interpreting “One Country, Two Systems” Through the Lens of Tongbian Dialectics  Jason Buhi  865 
The Logic (or Illogic) of China’s Local Government Debts Out of Control – Law, Governance or other Perspectives  Shen Wei  887 
Recidivist Thieves and Amnesties in Qing Law  Geoffrey MacCormack  917 

Book Reviews 
Introduction to the Hong Kong Basic Law, Danny Gittings, I Grenville Cross SC  961 
Practising Self-Government: A Comparative Study of Autonomous Regions, Yash Ghai and Sophia Woodman (eds), Shucheng Wang  965 
Comparative Perspectives on Criminal Justice in China, McConville M and Pils E (eds), Na Jiang  969

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