Thursday, January 22, 2015

Design Democracy Hong Kong Launches Mobile App

The Centre for Comparative and Public Law's Design Democracy HK project recently launched a mobile app as the government's second round of consultation on political reform gets underway.  The DDHK mobile app (available on Android and iOS platforms) features three main functions to promote political discussion and debate.  The polling function allows users to express their views on the leading reform questions of the day.  The survey function asks fundamental questions about the direction of the political reform exercise after the Occupy protests.  The vote up/vote down function is meant to be a fun feature that allows users to express views on the performance of the different leading personalities in the political reform debate.  

To download the app on the Google Play Store, click here.  To download the app, on the Apple App Store, click here.

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  1. From the political discussion and debate its also been cleared that how to used out and design the democracy and building about the mobile App ideas just been more essential here.