Thursday, February 26, 2015

Articles in the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion

Vol. 3, Issue 3, October 2014

James Fry, pp 393-418
Abstract: This article criticizes Thomas Franck’s theory of moral fairness for refusing a possible voice for religion in the fairness discourse. After deconstructing the theory and explaining its relationship to Rawls's notion of overlapping consensus, this article explores how religion plays a role with the implementation of international law. This article concludes by observing how the current inclusion of religion at the implementation stage injects a measure of regionalism and pluralism into the discourse. Such regionalism and pluralism alleviate the tension between universalism and localism associated with globalization and improve social stability throughout the world.

Ernest Lim, pp 440-461
Abstract: This article argues that there are key issues comprising theoretical and institutional matters arising from the questions of whether courts should exempt religious conduct from laws of general applicability, and how courts should strike the balance between religious freedom and equality policies, which proponents of religious exemptions have neglected and it suggests ways in which these issues may be addressed.

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