Sunday, June 28, 2015

Albert Chen Interviewed by Emily Lau after the Political Reform Veto

Professor Albert Chen was interviewed in Cantonese by the Honourable Ms Emily Lau on on 25 June 2015.  In the 30-minute interview, Professor Chen expressed disappointment in the reform vote on June 17th and his belief that the reform debate won't be discussed again until the Legislative Council election in 2016.  He noted Beijing officials' statements to the effect that the restrictions in the 31 August 2014 decision would remain unchanged.  Professor Chen also believed that pan-democrats need to rethink their approach to the political reform issue and avoid oppositional tactics like filibustering, which was not favoured by the public.  Ms Lau said there were indeed many less politically sensitive issues on which pro-establishment and pan-democratic legislators could agree.  She called upon Professor Chen, in his capacity as a member of the Basic Law Committee, to convey to Beijing the Hong Kong people's strong desire for a genuine choice of Chief Executive candidates and their rational and peaceful approach to fighting for political reform.

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