Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Edition: Land Law in Hong Kong, 4th edn (Say Goo and Alice Lee)

Land Law in Hong Kong, 4th edn
Say Goo and Alice Lee
Lexis Nexis
August 2015, 922 pp.
Description: Since the first edition, Land Law in Hong Kong has emerged as the leading work on the subject in Hong Kong. The text explains key concepts of property law and the conveyancing process. It covers all essential topics, including major forms of acquisition, the protection of ownership or interests in land, leases, licences, easements and mortgages. 
     This book contains extracts from numerous sources including judgments, academic writings and statutory provisions which focus on the core rationale behind the law and provide a convenient reference. The new edition takes into account recent important legislative changes and cases.  Table of Contents: Chapter 1 Tenures, Estates, Land and Property, Chapter 2 Sale of Land, Chapter 3 Proprietary Estoppel, Chapter 4 Trusts, Chapter 5 Co-Ownership, Chapter 6 Limitation Ordinance and Adverse Possession, Chapter 7 Priority, Chapter 8 Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants and Deeds of Mutual Covenant, Chapter 9 Leases, Chapter 10 Leasehold Covenants, Chapter 11 Licences, Chapter 12 Easements, Chapter 13 Mortgages, Chapter 14 Successive Interests, Chapter 15 Rule Against Perpetuities, Chapter 16 Deeds of Mutual Covenant and Multi-storey Building Management.

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