Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Scott Veitch Reviews Joseph Chan's Confucian Perfectionism (HKLJ)

"Book Review of Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times, Joseph Chan"
Scott Veitch
Hong Kong Law Journal
Vol. 45, Part 3 of 2015, pp. 1023-1030
Joseph Chan, Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Hong Kong, has written an impressive book that lawyers will benefit from reading.  The title might be daunting, but as a scholarly treatise the book is full of practical engagements with matters of institutional design, the framing of political debates and the contested roles of law and legal rights today.  It will stimulate thinking on a range of pressing contemporary issues, such as how democracy and the Rule of Law might be reconceptualised in light of an updated Confucian tradition, much of which could be helpful in understanding the conflicts over their meaning in Hong Kong, China and beyond...

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