Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Call for Papers: Legal Scholarship Workshop @ HKU (26-27 May 2016 for Doctoral Candidates)

Call for Papers
Legal Scholarship Workshop @ HKU (LSW@HKU)
May 26 & 27, 2016, University of Hong Kong

OVERVIEW: The Legal Scholarship Workshop @ HKU (LSW@HKU) offers a unique forum for current doctoral candidates in law to present their work in a focused workshop setting that aims to approach legal scholarship holistically. In addition to the traditional emphasis on the paper’s content and argument, the LSW@HKU is also oriented towards academic training in preparation for the academic job market. Thus, presenters will receive both substantive comments on the paper and stylistic feedback on the presentation, and along the way educate ourselves about what makes a successful paper topic, paper, and presentation. 

FORMAT: The two-day workshop will host a total of not more than 8 presenters. Each presenter will be allocated an exclusive 90-minute session (i.e., no panel format and no concurrent sessions) for presentation, substantive Q&A and stylistic feedback. Each presenter can expect an earnest discussion on both substance and style from the workshop participants. The workshop participants will primarily include research postgraduate students from the University of Hong Kong led by the hosting faculty member, invited faculty members whose expertise coincide with the presented paper, and invited research postgraduate students from other institutions. 
     The workshop will include papers from all areas of law, with no restrictions on jurisdiction and methodology. There is no strict limitation on paper length, though papers whose format and length are meant for either an one-hour workshop discussion or an one-hour job talk presentation are preferred. 
     Presenters and participants must commit to attend the entire Workshop, including reading the presented papers of all presenters prior to the session.

QUALIFICATIONS: current postgraduate students enrolled in a doctoral program in law (e.g., PhD or JSD, but excluding JD) in any law school around the world. Recently graduated doctoral candidates who has not obtained a tenure-track academic position may also apply.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: There is no conference registration fees. In addition, the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law will provide each presenter with travel reimbursement of up to HK$8000 (approx USD 1000) for return economy airfare from either the presenter’s academic institution or home country, and accommodation reimbursement of up to HK$3000 (approx USD 375) for three night stay in Hong Kong.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: To apply, send a paper or abstract, together with a CV and a cover letter stating the intended format/purpose of the paper to Jianlin Chen ( by 6 March 2016. Decisions will be made and communicated to applicants no later than 20 March 2016. The finalized paper to be presented is due by 8 May 2016 for distribution two weeks before the workshop. 

PARTICIPANTS APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Postgraduate students may also apply to join the workshop as invited participants (i.e., no paper presentation). There is no conference registration fees for invited participants. Constraints of financial resources prevent travel reimbursement for invited participants, but meals and tea will be provided for all invited participants. This option is particularly suitable for postgraduate students who have just started their program and/or who happens to be in the vicinity of Hong Kong at the time of the workshop. To apply, send a CV and a cover letter stating the intended purpose of participation to Jianlin Chen ( by Mar. 6, 2016. Decisions will be made and communicated to applicants no later than Mar. 20, 2016. Applicants who are applying for paper presentation may simply include in their cover letter whether they would be interested to be considered as invited participants, which would be independently considered without any prejudice or preference in relation to the selection of presenters.

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