Monday, March 18, 2019

David Law Interviewed on Huawei’s Lawsuit Against the US Government (VoA)

"China's Huawei Sues US Government Over Ban"
Bill Ide & Joyce Huang
Voice of America
7 March 2019
Chinese tech giant Huawei has sued the U.S. government, arguing that legislation Congress passed last year restricting its business in the United States is "unconstitutional."
     The case, which analysts see more as a public relations move, is the latest in an intensifying effort by the telecommunications company to fight U.S. security concerns that Huawei argues are unfair and unfounded.
     In its lawsuit, Huawei argues that Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act violates the constitutional principles of separation of powers and due process. By singling out the company and punishing it without a trial, the company also argues that the law violates the Constitution's the bill of attainder clause...
     Legal analysts said it is unlikely the case will even go to trial. "As a PR matter, this is brilliant, the fact that we are just talking about this now, tells you this is a great PR move, as a legal matter, this is a reach, to put it charitably," said law professor David Law of Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Hong Kong. "I just can't see how a federal district judge in Texas is going to let this go to trial much less hand Huawei a win."...

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