Sunday, August 11, 2019

New Book: Special Needs Financial Planning: A Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press)

Special Needs Financial Planning: A Comparative Perspective
Edited by Lusina Ho & Rebecca Lee
June 2019, Cambridge University Press, 368 pp
Description: Countries around the world are facing pressing needs to enhance financial planning mechanisms for individuals with cognitive impairment. The book provides the first comparative study of the three most common of such mechanisms in Asia and the West, namely guardianship, enduring/lasting powers of attorney, and special needs trusts. It involves not only scholarly overviews of the mechanisms in the jurisdictions studied, but also thorough, structured and critical reviews of their operational experiences. This book will have broad appeal to scholars, students, law and policy makers and practitioners in the fields of mental disability, healthcare and elder law. It is widely recognised in the field that books like this one are needed. This book will also be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students in mental health, disability law and elder law.

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