Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Brian Tang on Independent AI Ethics Committees and ESG Corporate Reporting on AI (new book chapter)

"Independent AI Ethics Committees and ESG Corporate Reporting on AI as Emerging Corporate and AI Governance Trends"
in Suanne Chishti, Ivana Bartoletti, Anne Leslie & Shân M. Millie (eds), The AI Book: The Artificial Intelligence Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries (1st Edition), (Wiley & Sons Limited, 2020), pp.180-185.
Introduction: This chapter explores two emerging trends relating to artificial intelligence (AI) governance of listed public companies that create and use AI in their services and products.
    First, the chapter explores independent AI ethics committees, which emerged from academic independent human research review committees, as corporate governance tools that can provide fascinating opportunities (Axon) as well as challenges (Google). 
    Second, the chapter expands upon environmental, social and governance (ESG) corporate and regulatory reporting relating to AI as a way forward for better explainability and accountability to investors, users and regulators alike regarding many of the AI “black boxes” being introduced... 

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