Monday, May 18, 2020

New Book: Civil Unrest in Hong Kong : Law and Order from Historical and Cultural Perspectives (香港動盪 法與治的歷史與文化解讀)

<<香港動盪 法與治的歷史與文化解讀>>
(Civil Unrest in Hong Kong : Law and Order from Historical and Cultural Perspectives)
(Editors: Dr Michael Ng & Dr John David Wong)
HKU Press, published in May 2020
Description: By examining episodes of civil unrest and social movements in Hong Kong, this edited volume explores the notions of “the rule of law,” “law and order,” and “governance” from the historical and cultural perspectives. The volume does not regard the law as a static rulebook or system. Instead, it treats the law as a historical and cultural process whereby the different parties involved in social movements assert and justify their desired social, economic and political order over time. In addition to revisiting conventional narratives, and to a large extent turning them on their head, this volume also makes an important contribution by analysing issues of governance and law and order from interdisciplinary perspectives. Focusing on the local developments yet mindful of the international backdrop, this volume explores the imaginaries of law and order that these movements engendered, revealing a complex interplay among evolving notions of justice, governance, law and order and cultural creations throughout the under-explored history of instability in Hong Kong. Readers who have an interest in Asian studies, socio-political studies, legal studies, cultural studies and history would welcome this volume of unique interdisciplinarity.
Table of Content in Chinese: 
(導言)亂中有序:法與治的歷史與文化分析   王迪安、吳海傑 (p.1)
I. 社會運動與法律
  1. 社會運動與法律:香港的個案   陳弘毅 (p.9)
  2. 撕破英式法治在香港歷史的神話:1919年的學生雨傘運動   吳海傑 (p.32)
  3. 「我們最好的王牌」:香港的遞解出境簡史(1857–1955)   Christopher Munn (p.46)
  4. 英治時代香港「緊急狀態」法律的嬗變   王慧麟 (p.65 )
  5. 英國「空降議員」和殖民地的政治轉變:港督麥理浩任內的政治改革   呂大樂 (p.77)
  6. 從公民抗命到制度政治:2000年《公安條例》的衝突   谷淑美 (p. 95)
II. 從六七暴動到雨傘運動
  7. 時至今日:六七暴動對香港政治生態的改變及所產生的反響   張家偉 (p. 113)
  8. 獅子山下的兩場社會動盪:從六七暴動到2014年雨傘運動   王迪安 (p. 125)
  9. 公民抗命與法治   戴耀廷 (p. 140)
  10. 香港佔領中環運動的藝術作品   温文灝 (p. 161)
  11. 誰為獅子山說話?香港的粵語運動   朱耀偉 (p. 175)
作者簡介 (p. 191)
索引 (p. 194)

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