Monday, December 28, 2020

Young, Hayward & Ip on Showing Arrested Youth Some Mercy, to begin the Healing Process in Hong Kong (SCMP)

Simon Young, William Hayward, and Paul Ip
2 December 2020 
The social unrest in Hong Kong since June 2019 has been heartbreaking. The scale of disruption and violence is unprecedented. People were harassed or attacked simply over the colour of their clothing. The verbal and emotional abuse arising from supporting the government or taking part in peaceful protest has been disturbing for all.
     The civil behaviour and good order that has characterised Hong Kong for generations seemed to disappear overnight. Road blocks, tear gas and confrontation between demonstrators and police became part of the lifestyle of the city during that period.
      There are many concerns in the community about the enactment of the national security law and its impact on many of Hong Kong’s freedoms. At least some of the violent confrontations have subsided for the moment, but the roots of the problems that led to them have not been addressed. Genuine reconciliation within society needs to occur, otherwise further social unrest might come back at any time.
      The local and central governments have a responsibility to lead in this process given their position of power. Such actions would be for the good of everyone in Hong Kong. One place to start is in resolving the status of those who were arrested... Click here to read the full text. 

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