Friday, February 19, 2021

Shitong Qiao on A New Age for the WHO? Comments on "The WHO in the Age of the Coronavirus: (USALI Perspectives)

Shitong Qiao
USALI Perspectives
4 January 2021
In a paper recently published by the American Journal of International Law, USALI Faculty Director José E. Alvarez offered five reasons the World Health Organization is in crisis as well as suggestions for reform. Professor Alvarez also discussed his analysis in this USALI Perspectives essay, and in this October 28 talk. Professor Shitong Qiao of Hong Kong University served as commentator in the October 28 program. This essay summarizes his observations. 
     There is much to agree with in Professor José E. Alvarez’s argument that COVID-19 may ultimately drive organizational change at the World Health Organization (WHO). Indeed, nation states are currently discussing how to reform the WHO, with even China supporting a comprehensive review of the WHO regime. From the starting point of a shared vision of the WHO as defined in the WHO Constitution, I would like to provide a realistic assessment of how China might respond to Professor Alvarez’s proposals for WHO reform... Click here to read the full text.

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