Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Hui Jing on Political Influence in the Regulation of Chinese Charitable Trusts (Canadian Journal of Law and Society)

"Political Influence in the Regulation of Chinese Charitable Trusts"
Hui Jing
Canadian Journal of Law and Society / La Revue Canadienne Droit et Société
Published online on 26 January 2023
Abstract: With the 2016 Charity Law, Chinese legislators created a public-private hybrid model for the governance of charitable trusts. By endowing private actors with greater rights in the creation and management of charitable trusts, this hybrid model demonstrates the State’s intention of changing the functioning of the charitable trust sector from complete dependence on the State to a partnership. However, embedded in China’s particular institutional environment, the partnership relationship still bears the mark of strict government control, which is secured by granting extensive powers to regulators. This article analyzes the newly established regulatory framework for charitable trusts and outlines how regulators exercise their power in practice. The findings show that the tradition of regulators being subject to intense administrative pressures remains unchanged and that political concerns permeate every aspect of the regulation of charitable trusts.

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