Monday, March 6, 2023

Kelley Loper on Hong Kong’s Top Court Rules Surgery is Not Needed to Register Gender Change (The Washington Post)

"Hong Kong’s top court rules surgery is not needed to register gender change"
Published on 6 February 2023
Introduction: HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s highest court handed down a landmark ruling Monday that will allow transgender people to amend their gender listing on their identity cards without undergoing full reassignment surgery.
Citations from Kelley Loper: ... Compared with other Asian countries, Hong Kong falls somewhere in the middle in terms of transgender rights, said Kelley Loper, director of the Master of Laws in Human Rights program at the University of Hong Kong,...Loper said that although Monday’s ruling is a significant step toward better protection of transgender people in Hong Kong, there is still a long way to go. She noted that the city still does not recognize nonbinary gender categories, unlike many other countries. 
“Hopefully this decision will spark or restart discussion about gender recognition in Hong Kong and what sort of legislation may be needed,” she said. 
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