Monday, April 3, 2023

New Book Edited by Shahla Ali: Comparative and Transnational Dispute Resolution (Routledge)

Comparative and Transnational Dispute Resolution
Edited by Shahla Ali
Published in February 2023
270 pp.
Book Description: This edited volume presents research and policy insights into the theory and practice of dispute systems reform in diverse jurisdictions. It highlights how important extra-judicial mechanisms are for resolving cross-border disputes, as evidenced both by the breadth of scholarship dedicated to the issue and the proliferation of parties resorting to non-litigious dispute resolution mechanisms in recent years.
     Drawing on selected case studies, the book examines the impact of comparative research and policy analysis in advancing reform of dispute resolution institutions at both the regional and global levels. It explores the challenges and opportunities of understanding and assessing developments in systems of dispute resolution in diverse social and political contexts through comparative research.
     With a growing number of disputes which have come to involve cross-border issues, anyone interested in transnational and comparative dispute resolution will find this book a useful reference.
‘An extraordinary collection of comparative perspectives is presented in this engaging book. It is arguably more important than at any time in the past, given increasing globalisation, to consider what current themes and approaches exist across jurisdictions that can enable us all to deal with disputes effectively. It is a delight to read and engage with the perspectives of these outstanding thinkers.’

Prof. Tania Sourdin, Dean and Head of School, Newcastle Law School

‘Anyone engaged in the serious study of legal dispute resolution should not only read this book, but also keep it at hand. Dispute resolution students, scholars, practitioners, and policymakers—especially but not only those working across borders—will find striking insights and actionable wisdom about how to research, design, and reform effective dispute resolution systems.’

Dr. Joshua Karton, Associate Professor, Queen’s University Faculty of Law

"This pathbreaking book brings new perspectives to the study of comparative and transnational alternative dispute resolution. It promises to change the way with we understand the laws, systems, and institutions undergirding the global practice of mediation, arbitration, and other extra-judicial methods."

Dr. Zach Calo, Professor of Law, Hamad bin Khalifa University College of Law and Public Policy

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