Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New RGC Research Grant Funding

Congratulations to the following Faculty of Law colleagues who were successful in obtaining a General Research Fund grant from the Research Grants Council in July 2014.

Department of Law
1.  Dr. James Fry, "Comparative Law of International Organizations: An Inductive Approach", HK$1.2M, 36m
2.  Dr. Yahong Li, "Fair Use and Creativity in Internet Environment from a Comparative Perspective", HK$482K, 36m
3.  Dr. Pojen Yap, "Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia", $HK676K, 36m

Department of Professional Legal Education
4.  Dr. Michael Ng, "Mapping Colonial Justice in Early 20th Century Hong Kong (1900-1941): A Historical GIS Study", HK$979K, 36m
5.  Dr. Richard Wu, "An Empirical and Comparative Study of Law Students' Perceptions of Their Values in Three Asian Common Law Jurisdictions: Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia", HK$681K, 36m

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