Friday, October 3, 2014

End of Hong Kong as We Know It?

2 October 2014
Professor Fu Hualing writes, "As Hong Kong's 'umbrella revolution' enters its sixth day and protesters are digging in for a long fight, my mainland friends remain puzzled about the protest.  On hearing my explanations, they are quick to question whether it is all worth the while.  For them, Hong Kong is the envy of China and it is the dream of many in the mainland to come over to study, to do business, and to raise their families...Beijing has to learn to govern Hong Kong differently than it does mainland precisely because of Hong Kong's uniqueness.  Indeed, for Beijing, Hong Kong remains uncharted water in many fundamental aspects.  Notwithstanding China's political and economic power, it proves extremely difficult and costly, if possible at all, for Beijing to censor the media, to clamp down on the civil society, and to dictate the judiciary as the authoritarian government does in the mainland..."  Click here to read the full article and the contributions of the other contributors, Nicholas Bequelin, Sebastian Veg, and David Schlesinger.

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