Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Congratulations to Albert Chen on Book Recognition

Congratulations to Professor Albert Chen, Chan Professor of Constitutional Law, whose recent book, The World of Constitutional Law (憲法學的世界) (China University of Political Science and Law Press 2014) 402 pp., was recognised as one of the Top Ten Rule of Law Books of 2014 by the Legal Daily (法制日報), a leading newspaper on law in China.  The commendation for Professor Chen’s book reads as follows (as translated by Bella Liu into English): "The World of Constitutional Law written by Professor Albert Chen describes the significant moments that are meaningful to the reconstruction of constitutional orders. It is more than a simple display of legal events. The World of Constitutional Law also demonstrates the differences of the legal cultures between the East and the West. In the book, Professor Chen offers a fascinating examination of the dynamic between Confucianism and constitutional law in China, which takes China’s 'native resources' into account. Such manner of investigation is more important than the conclusion arrived in the book. Being mindful of 'native resources' will make us more critical and prudential when trying to draw lessons from 'universal' constitutional practices."  Click here for the original announcement.

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