Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reyes Appointed International Judge in Singapore

Congratulations to Anselmo Reyes, Professor of Legal Practice in our Law Faculty, on his appointment as an International Judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).  Professor Reyes, a former Judge of the Hong Kong High Court, was appointed for a three year term beginning 5 January 2015, the day the SICC was officially opened at the commencement of Singapore's legal year.  According to Ian Roberts and Nicholas Sykes (Clyde & Co),   the SICC is a division of the Singapore High Court and "will hear cases which are both international and commercial in nature".  They note that the "establishment of the SICC compliments Singapore's pre-existing ADR institutions (the Singapore International Mediation Centre (opened in November 2014) and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre). Singapore now provides a full suite of dispute resolution options for commercial parties, not just in Asia, but worldwide".  Professor Reyes joins 10 other distinguished international jurists from Australia, Austria, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Assistant Professors Alvin See and Yip Man (Singapore Management University) describe the SICC's objective as "ambitious and visionary"; it is to "determine cross-border commercial disputes that may be governed by foreign law, including disputes that may not otherwise be heard by the Singapore Courts."  The International Judges are appointed "pursuant to the newly amended Article 95 of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore".

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