Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Young Interviewed on Macau's Role in China's Hunt for Corrupt Officials (SCMP)

Stuart Lau
South China Morning Post
1 April 2015
A leading Beijing official has urged Macau's graft-buster to cooperate in the central government's crusade to hunt down fugitives from the mainland crackdown on corruption.
     Despite returning to Chinese sovereignty in 1999, Macau has not devised a law to transfer fugitives to and from the mainland. ...
     Professor Simon Young Ngai-man, of the University of Hong Kong's faculty of law, said the absence of transfer agreements would not impede cooperation, because handing over alleged criminals was only one way to enforce the law.
     "Sometimes through sharing of information, the Macau authorities may learn enough to undertake their own investigations for purposes of enforcing Macau law, for example, money laundering laws," Young said. ...   Click here to read the full article.

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