Monday, September 14, 2015

Legal Clinic Programme Wins HKU Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award 2015

Congratulations to Eric Cheung, Edmond Lam and Edward Chan for winning this year's Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award.  They are recognised for their work in the HKU Law Faculty's Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Programme, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.  Since its introduction in January 2010, 
  • more than 600 clients have received free legal advice and given positive feedback to students;
  • miscarriage of justice was rectified in more than 10 successful appeals or legal aid applications upon free legal representation through the CLE programme;
  • an erroneous approach to the merits test by the Legal Aid Department was rectified upon a successful case handled by the CLE programme; and
  • wide media coverage (including in a TVB documentary series) and burgeoning demand from the public for CLE service has been received.
The programme's philosophy is to equip law students not only with competent lawyering skills and legal knowledge, but also with a heart to serve the needy with professionalism and dedication.  This programme adopts a learning by doing as well as a discipleship approach, which serves to supplement a lacuna in traditional classroom teaching in law.  It provides a unique learning opportunity to students to experience first-hand how the legal principles and system operate in reality and to provide meaningful service to the public, thereby inculcating a pro bono culture in their hearts.  The programme was featured in a China Daily article in September 2014.   Click here for more information about the CLE programme.

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