Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Vol. 45, Part 2)

Editor-in-Chief: Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Albert Chen
Vol. 45, Part 2, August 2015
Table of Contents
Rethinking the Process of Political Reform in Hong Kong 
Simon NM Young 381

Judicial Enforcement of the Listing Rules in Hong Kong 
Tom Ng 389
Omissions and Public Authority Liability: Should Hong Kong Follow England’s Lead? 
Hin Ting Liu 405

55 Years in the Law 
Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe 417

The United Nations Human Rights Inquiry on North Korea: Background, Reaction and Prospects 
The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG 425
Leave Without Delay: The Requirement to Make Prompt Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review 
Stephen Thomson 449
The Failure of Corporate Internal Controls and Internal Information Sharing: A Conceptual Framework for Taiwan 
Chang-hsien Tsai 469
Using Actuarial Evidence in Singapore and Hong Kong: A Sequel to “Lai Wee Lian Revisited” 
Felix WH Chan, Wai Sum Chan and Johnny SH Li 499
Realising the Right to Health: A Comparative Study of South Africa, the United States and China 
Xiao Pan 517
The Sewol Accident and its Legal Implication 
In Hyeon Kim 547

China Law
Human Rights in China–Taiwan Relations: How Taiwan can Engage China 
Yu-jie Chen 565
Decision-Making and Scrutiny of Rural Land Expropriation in China: Conventional Wisdom and Beyond
Chun Peng 591
Changes and Challenges of the 2014 Revised Environmental Protection Law in the Context of China’s Five Fundamental Transitions 
Mingqing You 621
Measuring China’s Social Insurance Law under International Standards of International Labour Organization and Influences of Social Dimension Provisions of Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Treaties 
Ronald Brown 651

Book Reviews
International Capital Markets: Law and Institution, Cally Jordan 
Robin Hui Huang 679
Dress, Law and Naked Truth: A Cultural Study of Fashion and Form, Gary Watt 
Marco Wan 687

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