Wednesday, December 2, 2015

HKU Class of 2015 Graduates (Law PhD, SJD and MPhil)

Congratulations to our 7 PhD, 4 SJD and 1 MPhil graduates who will have their degrees conferred upon them at the 194th Congregation on 3 December 2015 at the University of Hong Kong. The newest members of our RPG alumnae family include the following:

2. Dr. Shan CHI (PhD).  Chinese inventiveness criteria and their impacts on industry : inspiration from bio-patents.  Supervisor: Yahong Li.  Examiners: Benjamin Liu (John Marshall Law School), Yun Zhao (HKU), Haochen Sun (HKU).

3. Dr. Li GAO (PhD).  Promoting the development of green technology in China : using patent law as an environmental instrument.  Supervisors: Yahong Li and Jolene Lin.  Examiners: Bryan Mercurio (CUHK), Michael Ng (HKU), Shahla Ali (HKU).

4.  Dr. Evan Corby GIBSON (PhD).  Managing financial stability and liquidity risks in Hong Kong's banking system : what is the optimum supervisory model?  Supervisors: Douglas Arner and Lee Aitken.  Examiners: Michael Taylor (Moody's), Berry Hsu (HKU), Emily Lee (HKU).

5. Dr. Peng HAN (PhD).  An analysis of the changing nature of law and social solidarity in contemporary China : the application of Durkheim's theory of solidarity to Chinese society. Supervisor: Scott Veitch.  Examiners: Zheng Ge (Shanghai Jiaotong), Albert Chen (HKU), Hualing Fu (HKU).

6.  Dr. Jieying LIANG (PhD).  Party autonomy in contractual conflict of laws: a Chinese perspective on the adjudication of the enforceability of choice of law clauses.  Supervisor: Michael Tilbury.  Examiners: Brian Opeskin (Macquarie), Anselmo Reyes (HKU), Xianchu Zhang (HKU).

7.  Dr. Herman Yung Sing TO (PhD).  Microfinance in China - the postal bank and credit cooperatives as key players.  Supervisor: Douglas Arner.  Examiners: Zhou Zhongfei (Shanghai University of Political Science and Law), Say Goo (HKU), Xianchu Zhang (HKU).

8.  Dr. Ida Kwan Lun MAK (SJD).  Institutionalizing the effective use of ADR for the resolution of shareholder disputes in Hong Kong.  Supervisors: Katherine Lynch and Shahla Ali.  Examiners: Kun Fan (CUHK), Yun Zhao (HKU), Anna Koo (HKU).

9.  Dr. Xiao PAN (SJD).  Private non-enterprise institutions in China in an era of charity law reform.  Supervisor: Say Goo.  Examiners: Wei Shen (Shanghai Jiaotong), Douglas Arner (HKU), Hualing Fu (HKU).

10.  Dr. Xue PENG (SJD).  Corporate governance of Chinese privately owned enterprises listed in Hong Kong : an empirical study of three levels of agency problems.  Supervisor: Douglas Arner.  Examiners: David Donald (CUHK), Say Goo (HKU), Xianchu Zhang (HKU).

11.  Dr. Zhongyi TAO (SJD).  Fair use regime in China : findings from an exploration into judicial experiences.   Supervisors: Yahong Li and Po Jen Yap.  Examiners: Irene Calboli (Marquette), Hualing Fu (HKU), Alice Lee (HKU)

12.  Ms Yuchen SONG (MPhil).  Exploring derivative action in Japan and China.  Supervisor: Guanghua Yu.  Examiners: Hui Huang (CUHK), Douglas Arner (HKU).

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