Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Part 3 of 2015)

Vol. 45, Part 3 of 2015
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen

Gay Marriage and the Common Law Conflict of Laws Rules: A Singapore Perspective KC Lye and Ervin Tan693
Fair Dealing Doctrine Caught between Parody and UGC Exceptions: Hong Kong’s 2014 Copyright Amendment and Beyond Wenwei Guan719
Non-Traditional Maritime Security and International Cooperation Jun Zhao743
Institutionalising Mediation in Hong Kong AKC Koo769
China Law
Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogations with Chinese Characteristics: Tool for Transparency or Torture? Kuibin Zhu and David M. Siegel795
Emergence of a Dual Constitution in Transitional China  Shucheng Wang819
Toward a More Balanced Safe Harbour Protection System for Internet Service Providers in China Jia Wang851
Towards a Harmonised Definition of Terrorism in China: A Discussion Under “One-Country, Two Systems” Dr Li Zhe and Dr Sten Idris Verhoeven881
The Transformation of Chinese Law: Mark II Jianfu Chen911
What Happens to Embryos When the Would-Be Parents Die: The “Orphaned Embryos” Custody Dispute in China Ding Chunyan941
“Is Court Mediation Feasible?” Quantitative Research on the Attitudes of Legal Professionals in Southwest Grassroots Society of Chin Xiong Hao963
Why Does a Powerful Regulatory Regime Fail? An Examination of the Regulation of Prepaid Cards in China Pan Su987
Book Reviews
Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times, Joseph Chan Scott Veitch1023

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