Friday, February 26, 2016

Anita Wu (JD 2013) Defending Tenancy Rights in Chinatown New York

Anita Wu (JD 2013) is a graduate of HKU's 3-year joint JD and LLM programme with the University of Pennsylvania. In 2011-12, she was a student in our clinical legal education programme. After completing her New York bar exam, she interned at Manhattan Legal Services and is now a staff attorney.  In this interview with Robert Precht, founder and president of Justice Labs, Anita describes her work representing low-income tenants.  She is currently representing a 64-year-old disabled Chinese man who requires the use of his building's elevator to reach his seventh floor apartment.  However, the landlord has contracted to replace the elevator requiring a five-month shutdown.  Anita has assisted the client to bring a case in federal court to try to postpone the replacement work as reasonable accommodation for the many elderly and disabled residents in the building.  On 23 February 2016, Ming Pao (NY) Daily reported that the client had obtained a preliminary injunction to stop the cessation of the elevator service and settlement discussions are underway.  

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