Friday, September 30, 2016

Glofcheski & Aslam's Employment Law and Practice in Hong Kong (2nd Edition)

Employment Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Second Edition
General Editors: Rick Glofcheski and Farzana Aslam
Sweet & Maxwell
Content highlights of the Second Edition: A string of ground-breaking Court of Final Appeal decisions in a number of important areas, including: (i) Trade union discrimination protections and an expanded interpretation of Employment Ordinance s 21B “activities of a trade union” (Blakeney-Williams v Cathay Pacific Airways, 2012); (ii) Restrictions on multiple concurrent employers (Chung Yuen Yee v Sam Woo Bore Pile Foundation, 2013); (iii) Reach of the Employment Ordinance’s statutory annual leave provisions (Kwan Siu Wa Becky v Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd, 2012); (iv) The extension of a contractor’s duty of care to subcontractor’s employees (Luen Hing Fat Coating & Finishing Factory Ltd v Waan Chuen Ming, 2011); and (v) Damages awards for failure to conduct contractually entitled disciplinary hearings (Blakeney-Williams v Cathay Pacific Airways, 2012). Important statutory developments examined in this edition including: (i) The introduction of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (2010); (ii) Criminalization of the failure to pay awards made by the Labour Tribunal and Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board (2010); (iii) Expansion of the scope of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund (2012); and (iv) The introduction of paternity leave and paternity leave pay (2015).

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