Saturday, October 15, 2016

HKU Faculty of Law Remembers Dr Cheng Yu Tung

Cheng Yu Tung Tower
The Faculty of Law is profoundly saddened by the passing of one of its best friends, Dr Cheng Yu Tung. Dr Cheng was a founding entrepreneur of Hong Kong. His vision and determination have helped to shape the development of Hong Kong into a vibrant international financial centre. We are truly honoured and privileged to have benefitted from Dr Cheng’s visionary efforts which came in the form of his very generous gift and support for legal education. A modern state-of-the-art building which proudly bears his name, the Cheng Yu Tung Tower, has been the new home of the Faculty of Law at the Centennial Campus since 2012. It is the envy of visiting faculty from around the world.
      The generosity of Dr Cheng has also allowed the Faculty to set up the Cheng Yu Tung Visiting Professorship and the Cheng Yu Tung Visiting Fellowship, These elite Programmes bring in legal scholars of international eminence to contribute to our teaching and research and to foster collaboration with the very best universities in the world. Back home, the benefaction has enabled us to attract very senior leaders in cutting-edge fields, like securities and finance, to join the Faculty. They bring with them a wealth of experience as well as the potential for collaborative and interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of legal knowledge such as surrogacy, and law and technology. Many students continue to benefit from support in the form of scholarships and sponsorships. With Dr Cheng’s generous gift, the Faculty will continue to bring in top-notch international scholars to nurture our own students, and so carry on this precious legacy of Dr Cheng.
      Our immediate past Dean, Professor Johannes Chan, who cemented the benefaction and oversaw the completion of the Cheng Yu Tung Tower, expresses the sentiments of the Faculty when he says: “Dr Cheng’s generous benefaction to the Faculty and strong support to legal education are a testimony to his vision which spurs the aspirations of generations of law students and legal scholars to contribute to Hong Kong and the international community. His belief in the rule of law as the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s prosperity, as inscribed at the Cheng Yu Tung Tower, will always be fondly remembered”.
      We extend our deepest condolences to Dr Cheng’s family.
Faculty of Law
The University of Hong Kong
11 Oct 2016

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