Monday, November 21, 2016

New Book: Copyright, the Internet and the Balance of Rights (Yahong Li)

Edited by Li Yahong
Hong Kong University Press
November 2016, 176 pp., Language: Chinese
Description: Creativity is the engine of social and economic development. In a legal system, the copyright law system is closely related to creativity, especially the creativity in the cultural and creative industries. But only a balanced copyright system that takes account of the interests of different parties can promote creativity. Therefore, we must constantly examine whether the existing copyright system can reflect the interests and practical needs of different parties, especially in the context of the Internet.
     Copyright, Network and Balance of Rights explores the issues of fair use of copyright in the Internet environment, the rights and status of users, the abuse and balance of rights, piracy and the responsibility of network service providers. It discusses the legislation and judicial reform for the above-mentioned issues in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and explores how to achieve the best balance among parties and maximise social creativity under the internet environment. This book has eight chapters in total, divided in two parts. The first part discusses the balance, abuse and fair use of copyright; the second part focuses on the identification of internet infringement and liability.
The Author: Li Yahong, JSD, Stanford University; Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong; Program Director, Intellectual Property and Information Technology; has long been engaged in teaching and researching on patent and technology innovation, copyright and creative industries.  Contributors include Dr Tao Zhongyi (SJD 2015) on fair use in the digital environment in China, Dr Hua Jie (PhD 2013) on constructive knowledge on ISP liability, and Dr Hu Ling (PhD 2011) on the commercial origin of China's digital copyright.
"This book examines the copyright, network and rights balance matters from a cross-strait and comparative perspective, it helps to promote the development of the copyright law system in the three places, which is worth reading."
   - Professor Liu Chuntian, President of Intellectual Property Law Association, Professor of Renmin University of China
"This book provides an in-depth discussion of key issues in the field of Internet copyright (copyright) in the three places and provides insightful analysis for intellectual property scholars, students and practitioners.
   - Prof. Kung-Chung Liu, External Director, Applied Research Center for Intellectual Assets and the Law in Asia, School of Law, Singapore Management University; Research Fellow, Institutum Jurisprudenliae of Academia Sinica 
"This book brings together senior and young intellectual property scholars from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, exploring the important issues related to copyright reform, cybercrime and fair use. Audiences who are interested in understanding the copyright law system in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan should not miss it.
   - Peter K. Yu, Co-Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property, School of Law, Texas A & M University, USA

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