Friday, December 16, 2016

Congratulations to Po Jen Yap on his 2016 Research Awards

Congratulations to Po Jen Yap who was awarded the University of Hong Kong's Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2015-16.  He was also awarded the University's Faculty Research Output Award 2015-16 for his book, Constitutional Dialogue in Common Law Asia published by Oxford University Press.  Dr Yap recently co-organised a successful one-day conference on Constitutional Dialogue at HKU on 9 December 2016.  The event featured a keynote speech from Mr Justice Matthew Palmer (New Zealand High Court), six papers from leading scholars in the area (Rosalind Dixon (UNSW), Aileen Kavanagh (Oxford), Kent Roach (Toronto), Scott Stephenson (Melbourne), Po Jen Yap (HKU), Swati Jhaveri (NUS)), and commentaries from Mark Tushnet (Harvard) and Stephen Gardbaum (UCLA).  Dr Yap presented a paper on Hong Kong cases of dialogue between the courts and legislative/executive branches involving rights exclusive to the Hong Kong Bill of Rights.

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