Monday, January 22, 2018

Anselmo Reyes and Weixia Gu on an Asia Pacific Model of Arbitration Reform (new book chapter)

"Conclusion: An Asia Pacific Model of Arbitration Reform"
Anselmo Reyes and Weixia Gu
The Introduction chapter to this book promised three deliverables. The first, a summary of arbitration reform in 12 Asia Pacific states, has been provided in the preceding 12 chapters. The function of this Conclusion is to make good on the remaining two promises. 
     The initial part of this Conclusion will pull together various strands in those previous chapters to evaluate the model for arbitration reform in the Asia Pacific posited in section 3 of the Introduction. The second part will deal with the three sets of questions (looking to the past, present and future) posed in the same section of the Introduction. The final part will make good on the promise of a third deliverable by forecasting likely future arbitration reform initiatives in the Asia Pacific...

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