Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Shitong Qiao Awarded the First Masahiko Aoki Award for Economics Paper

Congratulations to Shitong Qiao who was awarded the first Masahiko Aoki Award for Economics Paper for his book, Chinese Small Property: The Co-Evolution of the Law and Social Norms, published by Cambridge University Press in 2017.
      The Masahiko Aoki Award for Economics Paper was established in honor of Professor Masahiko Aoki, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, the famous economist, co-founder of Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance (CIDEG) at Tsinghua University and former former joint chairperson of CIDEG Academic Committee, with a view to excavate and encourage Chinese young scholars to conduct academic research concerning public policy and institutional construction, and promote academic research and concrete progress in China’s public governance area. The award is in the name of Prof. Masahiko Aoki to honor his hopes.  The focus is on economics and China’s reform and development.  The award recognises excellent research papers making academic contribution to comparative institutional analysis.  The first Award Ceremony was presented in Beijing on 16 December 2017.  News coverage of the award and ceremony can be found here: Tsinghua University, Nikkei, Sina, and Sohu.

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