Thursday, March 21, 2019

HKU Class of 2018 Law PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our 12 PhD graduates who had their degrees conferred upon them at the 200th Congregation on 30 November 2018 at the University of Hong Kong. The newest members of our RPg alumnae family include the following:

1. Dr. AMESHEVA Inna Ilieva, Unravelling Differential Treatment: From Coexistence to Cooperation in International Climate Change Law. Supervisor: Dr James Fry

3. Dr. CHONG Agnes, The Non-Hierarchical Norms of No-Harm and PhD Equitable Utilization in International Watercourses Law. Supervisor: Dr James Fry

4. Dr. FEI Mengtian, An Analysis of Modernization and Law concerning Same-sex Sexuality in China.  Supervisor: Mr Benny Tai

5. Dr. LEJOT Paul Louis, The Place of Law Legal and Regulatory Influences on Financial Sector Agglomeration. Supervisor: Professor Douglas Arner

6. Dr. LONG Jie, China's Space Station in Light of Long-term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities: Cooperation, Law, Reality and Potential. Supervisor: Professor Yun Zhao

7. Dr. REPOUSIS Odysseas, The Rise of Multilateral Investment Treaties: International Investment Law Between Codification and Progressive Development. Supervisor: Dr James Fry

8. Dr. RUANGSAWASDI Chernporn, The Virtue-Based Paradigm of Judgment in the World of Investment Disputes.  Supervisor: Professor Hualing Fu

9. Dr. SPINA ALI Gabriele, Article 39(3) TRIPS: Understanding the Obligations, Exploiting the Flexibilities.  Supervisor: Ms Alice Lee

10. Dr. WEST Michael John, Federal Frontiers: the Constitution of Hunan Province in 1920s Republican China.  Supervisor: Professor Hualing Fu

11. Dr. ZHANG Xiaohan, The Application of the Consumer Protection Principle in the UNCITRAL ODR Rules and Its Implications for the ODR Practice in China. Supervisor: Professor Yun Zhao

12. Dr. ZUO Anlei, Institutional Fragmentation of International Intellectual Property Law in a World Society: Ontological Ethos, Structural Biases and Regime Interaction.  Supervisor: Dr. Li Yahong

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