Thursday, August 29, 2019

HKU Law 50th Anniversary Lectures

4 Oct 2018. Jurisprudence is the study of law and legal institutions in their social, philosophical, and historical contexts. This lecture is an anniversary celebration of five decades of jurisprudential reflection, engaging with old and new questions that confront lawyers, judges, and citizens. It discusses thinkers familiar to generations of law students such as Hart, Fuller, and Dworkin as well as survey more recent developments in order to address topics of wider contemporary relevance. Professor Veitch holds the Paul KC Chung Professorship in Jurisprudence. Click here to watch the lecture.

Professor Douglas Arner, "Digital Financial Transfromation – Finance, Technology and Regulation"
22 Nov 2018. Over the past decade, technology has transformed finance more rapidly than ever before. This transformation brings with it new regulatory challenges. What factors underlie digital financial transformation? This presentation presents a strategy for developing an ecosystem to support digital financial and economic transformation, based on an analysis of experiences around the world over the past decade. Professor Arner holds the Kerry Holdings Professorship in Law.  Click here to watch the lecture.

Professor Albert Chen, "Five Decades of Constitutional Change in Hong Kong and East Asia: A Macro-historical Perspective"
15 Mar 2019. Inspired by the edited volume The Law in Hong Kong 1969-1989 published in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the law school at HKU, this lecture commemorates its 50th anniversary by reviewing constitutional developments in Hong Kong and its neighbouring Asian jurisdictions in 1969-2019.  Professor Chen holds the Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professorship in Constitutional Law.  Click here to watch the lecture.

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