Thursday, September 5, 2019

New Edition: Law and Justice in Hong Kong (3rd edition) by Eric Ip (Sweet & Maxwell)

Law and Justice in Hong Kong (3rd edition)
Eric Ip
Sweet & Maxwell
August 2019

​"It is difficult to overstate the value of this book to a variety of users. It offers constitutional, historical and societal context for a comprehensive description of the operation of law and justice in Hong Kong." 

Mr Justice Robert French, AC, Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal

     Extensively rewritten and revised, the third edition of Law and Justice in Hong Kong continues to offer readers a comprehensive account of the legal system of Hong Kong — the only common law jurisdiction in East Asia. Fully updated, it encourages readers to appreciate the underlying values of legal practice and the administration of justice in the context of wider global and regional developments. It explains the crucial role played by the rule of law in Hong Kong’s historic transition from a fishing settlement into a leading international financial centre over the course of nearly two centuries.

     An essential text for students studying Legal System and Legal Research, this book is also useful to legal practitioners, jurists, and general readers, both in Hong Kong and abroad, who find interest, if not indeed intrigue, in the spectacle of an internationalised common law jurisdiction under Chinese sovereignty.

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