Friday, February 21, 2020

Syren Johnstone on COVID-19 versus the Red Cross: Better Solutions via Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (SSRN)

Syren Johnstone
Published on 3 Feb 2020
Abstract: “One of the lessons learned was that emergency response must be better developed at the local level.” This is what the Red Cross said on the 10 year anniversary of the deadly Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province in western China. Billions of dollars had been donated following the Sichuan earthquake but had been “mishandled”.
This article addresses what should be a simple question: how can we do better? Doing better facilitating the delivery of supplies to people in need. Doing better to stimulate confidence in the organizations charged with managing humanitarian crises.
     The present crisis is a call to arms for China’s tech industry, which has the know-how and resources to radically change the landscape of crisis response and the management of donations through the implementation and use of blockchain and artificial intelligence.
     Together with global technologists, fundamental changes are needed to the structure and method of how such crises are handled. The time to develop, on a collaborative basis, borderless solutions to issues of common humanitarian concern is now.  Click here to download the paper.

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