Sunday, November 8, 2020

RTHK Features Johannes Chan's Award Winning Book on The University

10 October 2020
Books intervene in society, and the author defends value with words. Reading makes people reflect on what is right and wrong. The two award-winning books introduced in this episode are closely related to the present.
An ideological struggle: "Our Golden Age" 
Professor Zhou Baosong 
In the past ten years, Hong Kong has entered an era of resistance. Many people have taken to the streets to protect their beliefs. In the book, Professor Zhou records the deeds of these protesters and the values ​​behind the social movements, and explores the importance of these values ​​from different angles. By interpreting the current era, we can connect ourselves to the world, inject strength into our thoughts, and give meaning to life, thereby changing ourselves and the world.

University is the conscience of society: "The Right Way. University-written after the storm" 
Professor Johannes Chan
This book is a collection of articles published by Professor Chan in recent years. The content focuses on university and culture. It talks about ideal university education, and hopes that readers will rethink the value of universities and the mission of intellectuals. This book also records the turmoil in the appointment of the vice-principal of the University of Hong Kong. It allows us to experience the author's mental journey in the face of adversity while still adhering to principles through words, and brings a glimmer of hope to us in the great age.

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