Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Anupama Sharma on South Asian Perspectives of Gender Neutrality in Sexual Violence Laws (J Indian L & Soc)

"Addressing the Roadblocks to Gender Neutrality in Sexual And Domestic Violence Laws: A South Asian Perspective"
Anupama Sharma (PhD candidate)
Journal of Indian Law and Society
Winter 2020, Vol 11, Issue 2
pp 79-106
Abstract: Sexual and domestic violence laws across several countries in South Asia are gendered in nature. These legislation brand men as the perpetrator and women as the victim due to the wide prevalence of violence against women. In this paper, the author argues that gendered laws fail to accommodate abuse against men and other genders, as well as reinforce the one-dimensional image of women as a victim. In making this claim, the author addresses various counter-arguments made against gender neutrality and draws lessons from Bhutan, which has gender-neutral laws and also shares historical and social contextual similarity with other South Asian countries.  Click here to download the full article.

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