Wednesday, January 13, 2021

He Xin on Professor Sally Engle Merry: A Candid and Caring Giant (Law & Society Review)

"Professor Sally Engle Merry: A Candid and Caring Giant"
He Xin
Law & Society Review
Published on 18 December 2020
Introduction: According to a Chinese aphorism, one purpose of any mourning activity is to stage a show for those who are still alive.  I feel sorry if this short essay leaves such an impression.  I do not mean to do this.  I was not formally a student of Professor Merry, and so I may not be in the best position to document her achievements which include dispute resolution, mediation, legal consciousness, cultural hegemony, human rights, spatial governmentality, and more.  But what I wish to say is that, perhaps, no other scholars has been more influential and inspiring to me. 

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