Monday, May 31, 2021

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Vol. 50 - Celebrating 50 Years of Legal Scholarship, Part 3 of 2020)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell



Gay Rights in Hong Kong after Infinger v Hong Kong Housing Authority: A Step Backwards in Principle but a Step Forward in Practice? Kai Yeung Wong ... 831

Claiming Wrongful Diagnosis under the Mental Health Ordinance: The Impossibility of Building a Reasonably Arguable Case Urania Chiu and Daisy Cheung ... 837

Pecuniary Penalties for Anti-Competitive Conduct: Absolutely Deterrent? Alex C.H. Yeung and Joshua Yeung ... 851

The Singapore Convention: Is This the New York Convention for Mediation? Suraj Sajani ... 863

Hong Kong Law Journal: A Citation Analysis Antonia CH Yiu ... 877


Threats to Hong Kong's Autonomy from the NPC's Standing Committee: The Role of Courts and the Basic Structure Doctrine Surya Deva ... 901

Is Hong Kong's Riot Law "Respectable"? Margaret Ng, Jason Ko and Kin Lau ... 935

Lawful Traditional Right and Sustainability: An Unbalanced Interest in the Customary Ding Right in Hong Kong? Say H Goo and Heather Lee ... 961

How Much Is a Leg Worth in Hong Kong? Proposal for Reforming Personal Injury Compensation Felix WH Chan, Wai Sum Chan and Johnny SH Li ... 983

Re-examining the World Bank's Doing Business Report in the Light of its Pro-deregulation Bias Miriam Anozie, Festus Ukwueze, Louis Enu-Tampie, Benjamin Mukoro, Uju Beatrice Obuka, Obinne Oguejiofor and Ndubuisi Nwafor ... 1005

Treatment Standards of State-Owned Enterprises as Public Entities: A Clash or Convergence across International Economic Laws? Bin Gu and Chengjin Xu ... 1025

Shareholder Control in the Context of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Fundamental Challenge to the Modern Corporation Min Yan ... 1057

China Law

Pre-empting Court–Civil Society Synergy: How China Balances Judicial Autonomy and Legal Activism Yueduan Wang ... 1081

The Change of Government's Role in Reorganisation of Listed Companies in China: A Contrast of the Empirical Evidence in the Periods Between 2007–2013 and 2013–2019 Huimiao Zhao and Wei Cai ... 1107

Legal Personality and the Evolution of the Rule of "Debts-Follow-Assets" in China: Complicating the Theory of Interest Group James Si Zeng ... 1133

Compelling Filial Support: The Experience of the Elderly Law in China's Courts Luxue Yu ... 1155

Chinese Characteristics and Universalist Insolvency Ideals Chuyi Wei, Gerard McCormack and Xian Huang ... 1183

Book Review Law

Criminal Appeals in Hong Kong Amanda Whitfort ... 1215

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