Tuesday, June 1, 2021

New Book by Dr Felix Chan et al: Personal Injury Tables Singapore 2021 (Sweet and Maxwell)

Personal Injury Tables Singapore 2021
Dr Wai-sum Chan, 
Dr Felix W.H. Chan, and Dr Johnny S.H. Li
Sweet and Maxwell
Published in March 2021
Book Description: This book contains actuarial tables for use in personal injury and fatal accident cases in Singapore. The value of these tables lies in the scientific basis upon which loss is estimated, and using them is akin to having expert witness evidence to guide the court in its decision.

Key features
  • Essential reference information to assist lawyers in determining appropriate compensation levels for losses suffered through personal injury and fatal accident cases.
  • Actuarial tables are based on various Life Tables for Singapore Resident Population 1980–2018, published by the Singapore Department of Statistics.
  • Clear explanatory notes guide users on the proper and effective use of the tables.
  • Adopts life expectancy figures and tables that reflect the proper and true value of money.
  • Applies the methodology used in constructing the UK Ogden Tables in the context of unique local circumstances.

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