Monday, May 10, 2021

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Vol. 51, Part 1 of 2021)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell



Judicial Responses to the National Security Law: HKSAR v Lai Chee Ying Johannes Chan ...1

“Explosive Substances” that cannot Explode? Jiang Zixin ...15


The Right to Life Hon Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary GBM, NPJ ...23

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Human Rights in Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong Robert Wintemute ...31


Copyright, Freedom of Speech and the Insult to the National Anthem Tianxiang He ...53

Proportionality, Unreasonableness and a Unified Model: Reframing the Spectrum of Intensity of Judicial Review Shiling Xiao ...85

Service Out and the Abela Interpretation in Hong Kong: The Triumph of Private Parties over Sovereignty Liam H. Y. Yuenw ...115

“The Court” Rises: The New Use of Depersonalised Opinions on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Stuart Hargreaves ...141

Fragmented before a Global Menace: WHO, COVID-19 and the Fragmentation of International Law Jaemin Lee ... 169

Lord Reed and Unjust Enrichment: A Correct(ive) Retreat from Expansionism Nguyen Sinh Vuong ...203

China Law

The Reformed Individual Income Tax Law in China: A Move towards Equity? Jingyi Wang and Wilson W.S. Chow ...249

Departmental Protectionism and Local Protectionism in China’s WTO Disputes Chenxi Wang ...273

China’s Evolving Data Protection Law and the Financial Credit Information System: Court Practice and Suggestions for Legislative Reform Lu Yu and Bj√∂rn Ahl ...287

A Typology of Judicial Liability for Error in Chinese Courts Peter C.H. Chan and Huina Xiao ... 309

The Chinese Guiding Case System through the Lens of a CISG Case Qiao Liu339

The Influence of Pre-Conviction Detention on Probation in China Xifen Lin,Sihong Liu and Yong Ma363

Book Review

A Special Standing in the World: The Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong, 1969-2019John P. Burns ....395

The Construction of Guilt in China: An Empirical Account of Routine Chinese Injustice Xin He ... 401

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