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AIIFL Newsletter Issue 4 (May 2021)

In AIIFL News this month, we highlight a range of publications and online appearances from the AIIFL team.

Douglas Arner

AIIFL Director | Email


Looking Back, Looking Forward: Building Better Payment System

In the episode 3 of Looking Back Looking Forward, Douglas Arner discusses the progression of electronic payments, since its acceleration towards social development from the last hundred years, and recently towards the impact COVID-19 on global economies. The use of such payments co-developed throughout human history, from the telegraph to the automated teller machine (ATM) and, most notably, to the establishment of decentralised ledger technology (blockchain, bitcoin, etc.). Such innovative steps have encouraged the competition to raise the bar, such as DCEP, the world's first major currency central-bank digital currency in response to a more decentralised payment system.

 Watch it HERE

Looking Back, Looking Forward” is a regular video segment launched in January 2020. For more information on the University of Hong Kong's financial technology programme and all the episodes of Looking Back Looking Forward, visit the FinTech Videos page and discover the transformation of information technology's ever-growing impact on finance.


Selected articles, books and reports from the AIIFL team

Forming Transnational Dispute Settlement Norms: Soft Law and the Role of UNCITRAL's Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific

Shahla Ali

AFI Innovative Regulatory Approaches Toolkit

Douglas W.Arner, Ross P. Buckley, Dirk A. Zetzsche, Eriks Selga, Ghiyazuddin Mohammad, Jaheed Parvez, Roberta Consiglio

China and the Global Economic Architecture: Approaching the Challenges of the 2020s

Uzma Ashraf Barton and Douglas W. Arner

Sovereign Digital Currencies: Reshaping the Design of Money and Payments Systems

Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner, Dirk A. Zetzsche, Anton N, Didenko, Lucien van Romburg

Regulating Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Putting the Human in the Loop

Ross P. Buckley, Dirk A. Zetzsche, Douglas W. Arner, Brian Tang

Commercial Law Intersections

Giuliano G.Castellano and Andrea Tosato

‘Hub-and-Spoke’ Bid-rigging and Corporate Attribution under Hong Kong Competition Law

Kelvin Kwok

Applying ‘Deep ESG’ to Asian Private Equity

Frederick J. Long, Syren Johnstone

The Case for a Best Execution Principle in Cross-Border Payments

Dirk A. Zetzsche, Ross P. Buckley, Douglas W. Arner


Bloomberg Documentary

Red Lines: China & Big Tech

China Talk

China's Anti-Monopoly Moment

Angela Zhang

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Part 1 

Interviews with HKMA Chief Executive Eddie Yue, HKU Professor Douglas Arner, and PWC's Gary Ng.

Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR)

Barefoot Innovation Podcast

Around the World: HKU's Douglas Arner


30 June 2021

James Merralls Visiting Fellowship in Law Lecture

Digital Finance, COVID-19 and Existential Sustainability Crises: Building Better Financial Systems

hosted by Melbourne Law School at the University of Melbourne

Presenter: Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law & AIIFL Director, HKU

Details and Registration


Oriol Caudevilla presented Digital Assets in Hong Kong: What are They and How are They Taxed at the AIIFL’s Taxation Law Research Programme (TLRP) (31 May 2021)


Giuliano Castellano shared his research on Commercial Law Intersections at the 59th Forum Financial Market Regulation - The Fragmentation of Commercial Law: Challenges and Normative Approaches at the University of Zurich within the University Research Priority Program (URPP) on Financial Market Regulation (11 May 2021)


Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) Virtual Discussion

Hong Kong as an International Financial Center

Douglas Arner

Syren Johnstone on Smart Regulation: Regulatory Framework for DLT-based Projects at the GBA Blockchain Week Virtual Summit (30-31 March 2021)

Watch HERE


Syren Johnstone on Perspectives on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation at the University of Hawaii (22 March 2021)

Watch HERE


A team of five students from across different Law, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) courses won the HKU’s Faculty of Engineering Innovation Academy InnoSpark with VR Mock Court Pitch for Access to Justice (23 February 2021)



We are seeking to expand our world leading team in the area of FinTech, RegTech and Digital Finance.


Post-Doctoral Fellow in Finance, Technology and Regulation

Applications close: 31 July 2021, HK Time


More details and online application are available HERE.


Research Assistant Professor in FinTech / RegTech

Applications close: 30 June 2021, HK Time


The HKU-Standard Chartered Foundation FinTech Academy, with the aim to cultivate interdisciplinary research in FinTech, has established a Research Assistant Professor Scheme


More details and online application are available HERE.

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