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New Book: Johannes Chan's Paths of Justice in Chinese translation << 眾裡尋她:公義在香港 >> with the Author's Notes

(Paths of Justice) in Chinese translation
陳文敏 (Johannes Chan) 著
HKU Press
Law, Hong Kong
June 2021
264 pp.

the Author's Notes: The English version has been very popular and has received many positive feedbacks and book reviews. It has taken the author Johannes Chan a few years to do the translation to publish the Chinese version so that it could reach an even wider readership in the community. As the author Johannes Chan translated it himself, he has the freedom not to be bound by the original text. Thus, some chapters have been updated; some chapters have been expanded to provide more background or explanation, and yet they try to preserve the legal arguments in the English version so as to give readers a good sense of how court cases are argued and how our courts deal with these matters. The author Johannes Chan has also replaced the original Chapter 14 by a new Chapter 14 as the original chapter may be too technical. The new chapter is about prison visit, which was a case taken up by our legal clinic.
      Margaret Ng translated the first draft of Chapters 17, 18, 19 and 21.
     There are too many updates and expansions throughout the book. More update is done in Chapter 1 (notably from pp. 19-22), which captured what happened since the publication of the English edition. Many other changes are due to the fact that English is a more concise language. When it is translated into Chinese, the author Johannes Chan finds it necessary to provide more explanation. In some cases, the author Johannes Chan just tried to re-write the original English version so that it may read better. Thus, the book is a lot more than just a translation. There are too many changes to be enumerated, as they appear in virtually every chapter.

Book Description in Chinese (with the Author's Biography): 



陳文敏為香港大學法律學院公法講座教授暨前院長(2002–2014),專研憲法、行政法和人權法,著作甚豐。他於2003年成為香港首位名譽資深大律師。2018年出版Paths of Justice 一書,為本書的英文版本。2020年以《正道、大學:寫在風雨之後》一書獲第13屆香港書獎 2021 年出版《正道、法治:寫在黎明之前》。

Recommendations in Chinese:

「本書詳述了許多不同範疇的法律問題,提出了在閱讀相關法庭判決時難以領略的觀點。筆者也將抽象的法律原則以他的人生體驗深刻地人性化。」 ──梁定邦,QC,SC,JP,曾任高等法院暫委大法官

「本書透過說故事的形式探討法律問題,使讀者易於理解。書中的生動活潑法律場景,展現了不少備受尊崇的大律師的故事和香港法律的重要變遷。」 ──吳靄儀,大律師,前香港立法會議員

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