Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New Issue of Hong Kong Law Journal (Vol. 51, Part 2 of 2021)

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Rick Glofcheski
Associate Editor: Professor Albert Chen
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell



Rethinking Hong Kong’s Tax Agreements: Challenges of Transparency, Harmonisation and Global Tax Reform Julien Chaisse and Xueliang Ji…405

Political Insider Dealing: The Case for Furnishing a Stronger Regulatory Regime in Hong Kong Ho Cheuk-Yuet…441

An Analysis of Judicial Restraint in the Doctrine of Substantive Legitimate Expectations in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong Kenny Chng...467

The Case in Support of Third Party Funding for Civil Litigation in Hong Kong Adrian Luk…491

Human Rights and International Investment Law: Examining Four Approaches to Integration Julian Ng…523

Taking “Public Function” Seriously Thomas K. Y. Yeon and Gabriel H. G. Wan…547

Is There a Need for a Regional Fishery Agreement in the South China Sea? Yen-Chiang Chang, Xudong Zhang, Shuang Liu…573

The Principle of Good Faith in International Law Halil Rahman Basaran…597

China Law

Guanxi and Law and Society Fieldwork in China Xin He… 625

Maritime Courts in China and their Jurisdiction Ling Zhu and Xiaojing Li…645

TheRegulation of the Art Market in China Hui Zhong…669

Re-evaluating the Information Disclosure Mechanism in the Sale of Bank-issued Wealth Management Products in China Zhou Qin…691

Renminbi-CentricGlobal Financial System: China’s Statecraft and Multi-polarity Shen Wei and Joel Slawotsky…737

A Critical Evaluation of China’s New Blocking Statute against Unfair Extraterritoriality Beibei Zhang…775

Qing Judicial Reasoning at the Appellate Level (Part I) Geoffrey MacCormack...801

Book Review

Lawyer, Scholar, Teacher and Activist: A Liber Amicorum inHonour of Derek Roebuck Peter Scott Caldwell…825

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