Thursday, November 18, 2021

John Zhuang Liu et al on Precedents and Chinese Judges: An Experiment (Am J of Comp L)

"Precedents and Chinese Judges: An Experiment"
John Zhuang Liu, Lars Klöhn, Holger Spamann
The American Journal of Comparative Law
Published on 30 July 2021
Abstract: We experimentally study the decision-making process of judges in China, where judges are specifically prohibited from citing prior decisions as the basis for their judgments, and where, in past surveys, most judges explicitly stated that precedent played at most a marginal role in their decisions. In an experiment resembling real-world judicial decision making, we find, however, that precedent seems to have a significant influence on the decisions of the participating Chinese judges. Indeed, judges spend more time reading prior cases than statutes, and they typically read precedents before they access the statutes. On the other hand, judges rarely mention the precedent in their reasons. Our findings suggest that the Chinese judiciary operates much more similarly to its homologues in the United States and elsewhere than their written opinions and much folklore would suggest.

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