Friday, January 28, 2022

Alec Stone Sweet & Giacinto della Cananea in Conversation with Sabino Cassese, Justice of the Italian Constitutional Court (2005-2014) (German LJ)

"A Conversation with Sabino Cassese (born in 1935, Justice of the Italian Constitutional Court (2005-2014))"
Alec Stone Sweet and Giacinto della Cananea
German Law Journal (2021), 22, pp. 1526–1540
'A. Training and Academia
S. Cassese: I knew the hard sciences were not for me. I preferred history or philosophy. But a degree in these fields would not open the road to a job. I chose law, then brought my interest in history and philosophy to my legal studies.
E. Challenges, Past and Future
S. Cassese: ... I share the view that we had an important period in which great progress was made, and now we are experiencing a certain regression. On the other side, one sees the development of a global public sphere, of the kind that Habermas theorized. If an African-American is killed by policemen in an American city, people see it on TV all over the world and the reaction is global. There now exists an ongoing process of “education,” so to speak, in favor of human rights. People are also much more mobile. The world now has more than seven and a half billion people, and they travel, live, and work abroad, migrate. The politics of rights protection can’t be kept strictly national and it never truly was.'  Click here to read the full conversation.

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